“We’ve been fortunate to work with Jennifer and Robert on two design projects over the last few years. Our first project was a complete gut and remodel of the main level and our second project was interior design. Their unique ideas, amazing taste, and attention to detail turned our house into a beautiful, warm, well-appointed and functional place for our family.  Initially, they spent time learning our likes and dislikes and very quickly hit the ground running in providing us with amazing choices from everything from hardware to furniture. We will continue to recommend Reiner White to our friends and we hope we can work together on our next project!” 

Kendall Terwilliger

“Robert and Jennifer have helped me design and renovate 3 homes in the last 6 years. The projects ranged from a simple re-fresh of my first home to a full design and renovation project of my last home. Robert and Jennifer connected with me on a personal level from the beginning. They developed a full understanding of what made me comfortable and how I wanted to live in my home. They took inventory of my personal possessions to understand what was important to me and integrated all of that into the vision and finished product in each home. When I wasn’t quite sure about a design or finish, they patiently guided me out of my comfort zone. The end result was always a environment that was both exciting and comforting; a house that became my home. They are the best and I would recommend RWDS to anyone!”

Sam Morgan

“It was important to work with someone who really understood my personality and what I needed in terms of comfort, lifestyle and aesthetic. I knew I wanted unique, and Jenn and Robert’s idea was one of the most amazing things I’d ever encountered . . .”

Franco Dispenza

“I discovered the work of Reiner | White while I was shopping for my Midtown Condo. I viewed a residence at the Luxe and while that condo wasn’t for me – I could tell that it had been professionally decorated and I loved the style. I had my Real Estate Agent seek out the name of the decorator.

A few months later I closed on my new condo in Spire and started with an empty, blank canvas perfect to enlist the services of Reiner | White to help me paint this new chapter in my residential life.  They initially met me in the space to get an idea of what we were working with, what my style was and what I was trying to accomplish. They quickly picked up on my personality and what I like without too much specific direction from me. 

When they came back with their initial selections and renderings I was pretty shocked at how accurate their vision was for me even though I didn’t have a vision myself in place. They were able to tease out my inner desires that I didn’t know were there. They also had a great ability to listen to the feedback I did have – whether that be finding a few different selections or sourcing a selection at a different price point. And of course their ability to deal with managing client’s drama is a special skillset above and beyond their core design skills. 

Any type of home renovation comes with a few stressful moments and they were always willing to take a phone call or drop by when the stress hit.  You can look at the tangible photos of any project they’ve been involved with and see their amazing design talents – but you have to work with them personally to experience their intangible people skills that are what really set them apart in their field.”

Rebecca Hayes

“I have worked with Robert and Jennifer of Reiner White on several occasions and can only sing their praises as to the end result achieved.

Robert and Jennifer made me feel as if I had achieved my desired design by bringing me the options and styles that only they could put together. The end result to my home and later my carriage house was absolutely stunning. I love what they have created and it has made it my home in a very special way.  

People really marvel at the work when they come into my home – the combination of colors and textures, unique tiling and lighting all made it come together in a unique way. It feels like home and yet I could never have put it together myself.

Beyond just the appeal, the investment made with Reiner White pays off in great dividends – greatly improving the value of my home well beyond the cost.  And they are great fun to work with and make everything easy.

Take them before they become so famous that you will no longer be able to afford them!”

Andrew Cuomo

“Jen and Rob’s casual chic concept for our whole-house renovation became a a magazine-worthy joy to live in.  The great thing about Jen and Rob is their flexibility and willingness to break the rules while staying true to classic elements of design and functionality.  They’re progressive and current without being trendy…Forceful and persuasive without being pushy. Equally as important, beyond the idea is the ability to execute and deliver. They may force you to go where you didn’t think you would, but ultimately they’ll prevail and now the sometimes skeptical husband now brags proudly about his designer friends.”

Frederick an Patricia Luster